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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm sure I could have remembered some better one-hit-wonders, but two cheezy songs that popped into my head were:

Buckner & Garcia: Pac-Mac Fever

Cajmere: The Percolator

Pac-Man Fever brings back a memory of when I was in elementary school (maybe 1st or 2nd grade?). I remember having that song stuck in my head one morning while I was standing on my neighbors porch. I think I was waiting for her to answer the door or something, and I was singing the song and walking around pretending I was pac-man and the square porch was the gameboard.

The Percolator song brings back a memory of Band-A-Rama (I was in the Marching Band)... I think one night after a show we went out for pizza, and someone had that song playing on their boombox.

Of course, after mentioning the above two songs, I have to somewhat redeem myself.

When I was young (can't remember what age - it was in the later 80's I think), my younger cuz made me a mixed tape of Eazy E Songs.... One of my favorite ones on that tape was Boyz in the hood...


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